Khiladi 786 (2012) Movies Lyrics

Description :
Produced by  :   Twinkle Khanna
Himesh Reshammiya
Sunil Lulla;  

In Mumbai, Champak Lal (Manoj Joshi) is a successful match-maker and wedding organizer. But his business starts going down the hill when his son, Mansukh (Himesh Reshammiya), joins him. After destroying many weddings unintentionally, Mansukh is thrown out of the house by his father. A depressed Mansukh pays a visit to his friend Jeevanlal Praanlal D'costa (Sanjai Mishra), who advises him to stop drinking, but Mansukh doesn't listen.



      Budget  ₹35 crore (US$5.6 million)
      Box office  ₹70 crore (US$11 million)

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